Rent our vines

A more personal relationship with wine

We have put in place a complementary scheme whereby you can rent our vines which enables you to get a number of bottles proportionate to the number of rented vines (4 bottles for 6 vines). This is for 2 years and is renewable. In return we promise to keep you informed on the progress of your vines ( vine, wine, sales, etc…)

Why rent vines?

Renting our vines enables us to enjoy regular contact with a faithful clientele committed to our organic approach. This partnership encourages us to put all our heart into our work.

You are welcome to visit the winery at any time, or we can arrange to deliver when visiting is not possible.

Example: 18 vines will give you 12 bottles a year (3 vines for 2 bottles).

Vintage Label Regnie 2013/2014 available on site, or to send or to taste at different events (fairs, markets,et …)