Who are we?

At the heart of the Beaujolais, our organic winery started in 1983. We are located near the village of Regnie-Durette, 60 km north of Lyon and 25 km south of Macon, between Beaujeu and Villie-Morgon (12 km from the Belleville-sur-Saone A6 motorway exit).

Our vines are planted on three hills, La Ronze, Le Chazelet and Vernus. They are rooted in limestone-clay and granitic soil producing supple wines with a good balance of structure, colour and fruit.

Different jobs come and go with the seasons:

Spring brings the ploughing and the protection of the vines which extends until the end of July. Ploughing involves using a plough pulled by a horse or a winch on steep slopes. I am not against technological progress and occasionally use a straddle tractor.

At harvest time, we enjoy employing a fun-loving team of grape-pickers. The picked bunches of grapes are then put in vats for about a week. Then the pressings start which are carried out in an authentic wooden press. We enjoy watching the first wine come out the press full of promising aromas- known as ‘Le Paradis’.

Fermentations end after a few days. Extractions (taking away the sediments) and the winter cold will help the wine settle before bottling starts in the following Spring; usually after February.

From November we clean and prune the vines. A new year’s preparation for the next harvest starts…

For years, growing our vines has given us a sense of communion and complicity with our land. We are convinced that this way of working is good for our land, our health and our spirits.